The creature guide is an ex-creature of Nemesis that lives on Land 1. His appearance is determined by which creature the player chooses: He will be a Lion should the player pick a Tiger, a Brown Bear if the player chooses the Ape and a Sheep if the Cow is chosen.

He can first be found wandering around a valley near the player's temple after the player selects a creature, but the only way to interect with him is to complete Sable's lessons first.

He will say that as Nemesis' - the most powerful of all gods - became increasingly powerful, he felt that Creature Guide wasn't good enough for him, so he was abandoned and has been alone ever since. In return for the friendship of both the player and his/her creature, he'll teach them important lessons.

Creature Guide will first teach the player about belief using an aztec village and food miracles as an example.

Later on, he will teach the players the basics of creature combat.

FInally, he will teach the player about "The Secret of the Creeds". Which he describes as "the key to this world", and "the source of godly power".

Unfortunately, he is interrupted by Nemesis' arrival. Knowing that he will be killed, he briefly explains the importance of the creeds, talks about Nemesis' lust for power and urges the player and his/her creature to flee and seek an ally to help him in the search for the creeds.

Creature Guide's Remains

Nemesis will then blast Creature Guide with lightning and a mega-blast miracle, killing him.

It is later revealed (on Land 4) that Creature Guide has kept a part of the creed within him all along, and the player must retrieve it from his remains.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Creature Guide seemed to be a very powerful creature: It was fully grown, and had the ability to communicate telepathically. Besides that, it could summon one-shot food miracles, and use Heal miracle (with a gesture) and change sizes at will.

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