Toys found in the first Black & White game.

Creature toys are items found in Black & White and its sequel, although the methods used to obtain these vary from game to game.

A creature can play with these toys in varied ways: cuddling it, throwing them far, etc.

Black & White[edit | edit source]

In the first game, a teddy bear and three fuzzy dices can be found within the creche of Land 1. To access them, one must zoom all the way "into" the creche's roof, so they are reachable, or destroy said roof with a rock. Beach balls are rewards obtained for completing "Throwing Stones" and "The Ogre" Silver reward scroll challenges.

Playground-exclusive toys and some beach balls.

Although creatures can play with toys, there's little benefit in having them around, although the beach ball has the advantage of allowing the player to play with the creature, throwing it to him.

If the player decides to visit The Gods' Playground, he/she will probably notice a lone mountain island. Behind it, there are toys exclusive to the playground, which consist of bowling balls and bowling pins with smiley faces.

Black & White 2[edit | edit source]

In Black & White 2, toys are bought with tribute. They offer a standard alignment tilt, shifiting your creature's individual alignment in a specific direction.

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