The second part of the Creed, on Land 4

The Creed is a central element from the first Black & White game.

A piece of the creed is represented in game by a translucent, glowing heart that fades and reappears, as if it had no defined form.

They are shown to be extremely powerful, being able to destroy even a god when combined.

The creed is first mentioned by the Creature Guide, an said to be "the source of godly power". When the guide attempts to explain more about the creed to the player, Nemesis shows up and threatens him.

The guide, knowing his death can't be avoided, tells the player to find the three parts of the creed and seek an ally to help, before being killed by Nemesis' lightning.

The player then, finds the first part of the creed on Land 2, after Nemesis kills Khazar's Creature, but it can't be obtained yet, for Lethys' Creature takes it first and escape through a vortex. On Land 3, when the player is about to defeat Lethys, he begs for mercy and gives that part of the creed to the player, an even guide him to the next one, which is on Land 4.

After the player completely rids Land 4 of Nemesis' taint, the villagers of the (former) undead village express their gratitude by showing the second part of the creed to the player, wich is in creature guide's remains.

Nemesis appears once more, telling the player that these parts of the creed are useless, for the player has only two parts.

At the end of Land 5, after Nemesis and mirror creature are defeated, the player fuses three creeds (the third, revealed to be inside the player's creature) on top of the volcano, unleashing their power and destroying Nemesis once and for all, becoming the one true god.