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The Earthquake Miracle is the second most powerful epic miracle, but whether or not the Hurricane Miracle is more powerful is debatable. It creates a long, fast growing fissure. The fissure is a very deep, almost a bottomless drop - into lava. As the fissure creates an indent in the ground, anything effected by the indent will fall straight into the drop. Villagers don't seem to notice the drop, and so will walk straight into it, thus if it manages to cross any important paths (for example in a town) everyone who would usually cross the path in the time it is there, will fall. Thus, if it is very well populated, hundreds of people will fall down into it. It is a rather satisfying miracle, but it costs 800,000 tribute.

In the manual, it is stated that you can use the Hand Forcing skill (bought from the Tribute menu) to stop earthquake fissures from expanding.

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