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Enlarge Creature miracle symbol.

Enlarge creature is a creature miracle featured on Black & White. It is represented by a growing bottle.

This miracle causes the targeted creature to grow to its maximum size in mere seconds, making it able to lift objects that would be too heavy for it, and walk great distances with ease.

This is an useful attack tool (if there are large boulders lying around for the creature to throw). The player can also see what the creature will look when it reaches its maximum size naturally.

This miracle has a prayer power cost of 7,000.


  • This miracle is given (along with its own dispenser) as a reward for completing the 'The Sea' challenge on Land 2.
  • If a player casts this miracle on his/her own creature and then gives him a rock he wouldn't normally be able to carry, he will hold onto it even after the miracle ends. This trick is commonly used to develop creature strength a lot faster. It is not known if this is a bug.

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