Boat 1

The finished explorers' boat on Land 1, with the related silver reward scroll on top of it.

The explorers' boat is a large, wooden, ark-like ship used by the explorers in their quest to travel through the seas of Eden.

Land 1Edit

It is initially located on a beach just outside the giant gate of the norse village, and it is only accessible after the player unlocks the gate.

The ship is under construction when the player first finds it, and their owners request help in finishing construction (as they've ran out of wood).

If the player chooses to help the explorers with all their requests, they will leave Land 1 on their boat, and won't be seen again until late in game.

If the player ignores or kills all the explorers, the boat will remain there for as long as the player is on Land 1 (as it can't be destroyed by any means).

Land 5Edit

If the player decides to help the explorers, they will be found again on Land 5 with their boat shipwrecked near a norse village.
Boat 2

The shipwrecked boat, on Land 5.

It is revealed that they never lost faith in the player character and "done much in [his/her] name" (shown by the extra, player-controlled village they built). The explorers will then present the player with a polar bear creature, which will stay by the boat, should the player want to trade his creature for it.