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A fireball.

The fireball is an offensive miracle featured on Black & White. It causes damage to living beings and objects by setting them ablaze. It can be dropped above the target or thrown at great distances.

Fireball miracle gesture.

The miracle's symbol is a fiery orb.

Because it is made of fire, it tends to fly a lot further then a rock, although it may dissipate and deal no damage if the distance it travels is too great. In its basic form, it is the cheapest miracle of the first game, requiring little prayer power.

It has an increased form, which increases the number of cast fireballs to three at a time, and an extreme form, which increases the number to eight per cast.

Fireball miracle symbol.

The standard Fireball has a prayer power cost of 3,500 - making it the cheapest miracle available.

The fireball miracle is directly affected by the Aztec Wonder, which increases its power.

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