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Flock miracle symbol.

The flock miracle.

Flock miracle gesture.

The Flock of Birds is a miracle featured on Black & White. Its symbol is a white dove if the player is neutral or good, and a bat if the player is evil. When cast, it causes a flock of animals (based on alignment) to appear and fly in a straight line towards the direction the player was facing when cast, impressing any villagers on its path by a (generally large) amount of belief.

This miracle is affected by the Egyptian and Tibetan wonders, both of which increase its power.


This Miracle is mainly used for boosting the amount of belief on a specific village. This is worth using for both good and evil gods but it needs large amount of prayer power to be cast and chanelled. It is advised to NEVER cast the miracle twice in a row at the same village for it suffers great belief penalty. Waiting for a short period of time before recasting the miracle in the same village will get around this problem.


The miracle produces a large flock of flying birds or bats, based on aligment.

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