A gesture in Black & White.

In Black & White and its sequel, a gesture is a mechanic that allows players to quickly access the leashes and miracles they have available at the worship site.

This is done with the help of the hand, and after Khazar's Lesson on Land 2.

The player simply has to "draw" a specific form with the mouse and a trail of colored light should appear, confirming it was done correctly.

There are gestures for every miracle and leash in game. Gestures can also be used in creature combat to make the creature use a special attack or a miracle it knows.

Finally, gestures can be used to change a miracle to its increased or extreme form (if available) by forming the standard spiral while the miracle is in hand.

In Black & White 2[edit | edit source]

In Black and White 2, miracle gestures can be bought for a specified amount of tribute and are applied to all of the miracles the player already owns with the respective symbols that can be activated in the game world for quick selection.


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