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A villager, healed.

The heal (or healing miracle) is one of the miracles featured on Black & White. Its symbol is an orb of glowing light with a red heart at its center. Upon being selected and casted, it will heal any living beings (exept for plants) in the targeted area. It is not possible to cast the miracle if no living beings are present at the location of the cast.

This miracle is directly affected by the Japanese wonder, which increases its radius. It also has an increased version that makes the heal more powerful and affects a wider area.

The standard version of this miracle has a prayer power cost of 6,000.


Heal Miracle Gesture.

It is mainly used for healing villagers

Heal miracle symbol.

and can even cure the sick ones and getting some belief points. When used on a villager, it replenishes its life to 100%, which it would come in handy for using it to villagers who are worshipping for prayer power to reduce the "sleeping needs" found at the flag. Many good gods use this miracle for helping people and getting good points to shift their alignment towards good.


The miracle is seen with lights around the sides and a small red heart found in the middle. Once the miracle is cast, the target is surrounded with glowing lights. Its appearance isn't affected by alingment.

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