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The destructive hurricane is an epic miracle from Black & White 2. Its spinning wind will suck up all the buildings, people, animals, rocks, etc. in its reach, it will then shake it up for a long period of time and then suddenly drop it, causing even more devastation and destruction. Because of this, it is the second most powerful epic miracle. However, it is not really worth the tribute, which would be better off spent on the Volcano Miracle. It costs 600,000 tribute.


  • Throwing Lightning miracles into a Hurricane will sometimes cause bolts of lightning to strike the ground below, giving the effect of a lightning storm.
  • Try throwing other miracles into it, as well - they won't create any additional weather effects, but you can end up with a storm of fireballs raining down from the sky, an all-at-once meteor shower at random points, or lava all over the place (BotG only) for pure chaos!
  • Due to the fact impressiveness is directly related to population and number of buildings, having a high impressveness in your town and casting the hurrcane miracle on the main enemy town is a quick and easy way to win the land.

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