Increased miracles are more powerful versions of basic miracles, but weaker than extreme miracles. They are featured only on the first game.

No creature miracle can be increased, nor can some of the "normal" miracles.

An increased miracle will have a glowing ring around it, to help the player identify it. They can be encased in one-shot miracle bubbles by using a miracle dispenser just like any other miracle.

These miracles increase the power or add a previously unexistant effect to its basic form, but cost more prayer power to cast.

List of Increased Miracles[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of every miracle that has an increased form as well as its effects.

  • Fireball - Three fireballs are cast at once.
  • Storm - Damaging lightning is added to the miracle.
  • Lightning - Miracle spreads in a wider area.
  • Food - More food is summoned.
  • Water - A larger cloud, with more water, is summoned.
  • Heal - Greatly increases the miracle's area of effect.
  • Mega-Blast - Seven explosive beams are cast in succession.
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