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Aerial view of the first land

Land one is the simplest Land. It is has a large mountain in the center

It is the home of a tiny Egyptian settlement.This is also where the player must choose a creature (a wolf, a monkey, a lion, a cow, and a tiger with the limited edition or a trainer).

Towns and Geography[]

The first land has three bays, a waterfall, sevral large mountains, a "lookout point", and a "creature lair" where a circle of Easter Island heads.

By the waterfall, a small clearing next to a cave is present, where a silver scroll quest takes place, as well as a town near by besides one of the bays.

The "main" town


While no official towns are on this land, small settlements are in place around it:

  • There is a town along the "southern" edge of the Island, which has several houses and a creature pen.
  • There is are two houses and a feild next to the "south east" bay.
  • There is a houe and a "garden" next to the "north east" bay.


Bronze Tutorials:

  • Movement: Learn to move, pan, and zoom. Tribute earned: 0
  • Picking up and Dropping: Learn to pick up and drop objects. Tribute earned: 1,000
  • Disciples: Learn to assign disciples to their respective tasks. Tributeearned: 1,000

Silver Quests:

  • Rock Garden: Move the rock from the Egyptian's garden.
    • Tribute if you help him: 5,000
    • Tribute if you kill him: 0
    • Tribute if you destroy his house: 0
  • The Nomads: Rescue the stranded nomads. Tribute earned: 1,000
  • Unblock the Waterfall: Learn to throw objects and unblock the waterfall. Tribute earned: 5,000

Gold Story: