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An aerial view of Land 2

Land 2 is the second island of the first game. It houses two other gods: Khazar, a good god whose temple lies on the wider peninsula, and Lethys, an evil god whose temple lies on the snowy peninsula. It contains 3 Celtic villages, 2 Norse villages, 2 Greek villages, and 4 Native American villages.

Land 2 starts as an extended tutorial. Here, the player will learn about worshipping and the worship site; the workshop, scaffoldings and building structures, and finally, about impressing villages, gestures and area of influence.

Here the player is guided by Khazar and his Craftsman from the workshop.

In the final events of Land 2, Khazar and his creature are destroyed by Nemesis, and Lethys will steal a part of the creed, along with the player's creature and escape through a vortex. The player can chase him right away, or take time to collect resources and everything he/she needs for the trip through the vortex. If a player choses to wait, the vortex will close, but it can be reopened by destroying Lethys' temple on Land 2.

Gold Story Scrolls[]

Silver Reward Scrolls[]

Non-Scroll Challenges[]

Available Creatures[]

  • Zebra (complete "The Riddles" silver reward scroll challenge)
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