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Upon exiting the first land, the player arrives at the Greek homeland, but it seems you are not there to help build a city or convince others of your cause, but were summoned by a "pure prayer". The player finds that the city is being invaded and razed by the Aztecs.

Towns and Geography[]

While most of the geography is unknown due to the fact you cannot freely explore the land, it is known there are several downhill slopes and a large plateau at the center. However you can access the landscape editor if downloaded and look around.


  • The only known town on this land is the Greek capital

Scrolls and Objectives[]

Bronze Tutorials:

  • None

Silver Quests:

  • None

Gold Story:

  • None


  • Save people from Archers. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Save people from burning buildings. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Crush Aztecs with barrels. Tribute earned: 5,000
  • Roll hay bales down hill. Tribute earned: 0