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Land 3 from an aerial view

Land 3 is the third land of Black & White. There are 5 villages in this land: a Celtic village, a Japanese village, a Native American village, an Egyptian village, and a Tibetan village.

In this land, the player has to take his/her creature back from Lethys by taking the Japanese, Native American and the Egyptian villages - each related to a magical pillar that must fall. To complete the land, the player must try to impress the Tibetan village. Lethys will then beg for mercy, at which point, the player is given the choice of sparing him, or destroying him. He will open a vortex to the next land, regardless of the player's choice. Lethys will also remain hostile towards the player and keep attacking with his creature as well as spells in an attempt to reclaim his lost villages. Therefore, if the players want to spare Lethys the vortex must be entered quickly to prevent any attacks on your creature or villages / supplies that you want to take with you to the next Island.


Land 3 is very short on wood. However there is a Miracle Wood miracle dispenser at the base of the waterfall near the starting town center. The bulk of the trees at the starting area are palm, which do not yield the largest amount of wood. It is recommended to bring over a couple of big trees from Land 2 so you can have a decent forest growing by the temple. Bringing wood and water miracles is also useful.

Silver Reward Scrolls[]

Non-Scroll Challenges[]


Available Creatures[]

  • Ape (Complete "The Rejuvenator" silver reward scroll quest without having an Ape as your current creature)
  • Chimpanzee (Complete "The Rejuvenator" silver reward scroll quest while having an Ape as your current creature)


  • Although there's no village with the wood miracle on this land, a miracle dispenser is provided right next to the player's first village (the Celtic one). Destroying it may severely hamper player progress in this land.
  • This is the only Land in Black & White where the player does not start in control of a Norse village. It is also the only land with no Norse villages at all.
  • While it is trapped, the player creature will roar in pain. His roars can be heard anywhere on the Land.
  • The spiral mountain where the Shaolin temple is located is full of mushrooms that increase the creature's growth. It might be a good idea to spend some time into getting influence there.
  • Occasionaly, natural storms may form near the player's starting village, setting fire to living beings and buildings in the area with lighting.
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