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Land 6 is the second Japanese land. While Land 7 is labeled the Japanese Homeland in Black and White 2, in BW2: Battle of the Gods, this land is labeled as the Japanese Homeland. It is unclear why the change was made.


The Japanese posses several towns in this map. They also have the passes walled off and have catapualts on the cliffs. Use your Creature to destroy the gates. If he is equipped with the Fire and Lightining miracles, the archers aren't much of a danger as they normally are, since they are on a confined wall. Capturing the majority of the towns will prevent the Japanese from attacking you, but defeating enough platoons will prompt the elder brother to fire the Huricane. Capturing the mountain fortress wont be easy as you only have one way to go and that is up.

Side quests:

Note : my game is in french, so don't expect to see the exact title for quests.

- Plagued town: you need to remove the plague by shaking / circling around the plagued villagers to remove the clouds. I once got an always renewed amount of plagued villagers, I don't know if it is because of too low prestige at the time i tried, or a bug.

- The 7 samourais: there are 7 samourais statues on the island (not too hard to spot since they shine with a color). reuniting all and placing them correctly unlocks a melee army with the 7 samourais (seven is few, but they're strong, and start at first level so they probably can get stronger; didn't need to use them though, so i'm not sure).

- Search for ruins : a small team is searching for some ruins on an island: scratch the land in search for the runes. Beware while removing the stone in last stage of the quest: should you kill an assistant, you won't be rewarded.

- The people to protect achievement is quite tricky to get (i didn't get it) as the ennemy won't send bowmen to attack. I'll try against a catapult another time, but that must be the way to get it. What you need to do is deflect attacks, not just protecting from nothing. You don't need to protect the amount of villager specified, but deflect that amount of attacks.