Black and White Wiki

Last land with japanese, this time you'll face both brother. Actually, the only real threat is the aggressive brother, as he'll send big armies and earthquake miracles.


Take quick control of your surroundings. As should be Immediately obvious the most lacking resource is wood, ore is rather plentiful this time around. the first earthquake will trigger shortly after the land starts. A good way to approach this land is to damage the earthquake wonder with a boulder or meteor miracle as you'll stop the enemy from ever casting it. The best town to capture is the center-most, having a large amount of Ore and easy access to the surrounding land. You may also be able to damage the walls remotely with rocks. There's an impressive number of bowmen patrolling the area, including those stationed on walls or protected by soldiers. your creature will certainly die if you are aggressive. the loss of alignment is easily recovered; I tried not to kill them that way, and lost 2 times my creature before being able to finish them.

Side Quests:

- There's a town (I'll write down the name when i'll find it again; change the angle so your city is at south of the island; it's the first town north-north-west of it, the one on the left of the walled one) that when Captured, will unlock a silver scroll : the black adepts; evil way to solve it, add some villagers to pray, and the statue will melt in lava, burning the people around it; good way to solve it. catch the people (one by one, multi harvesting won't help) then shake your hand to empty it. Once all villagers are saved, let them destroy the statue for the reward.

- Explosive barrels: they could be of some help for an evil god, but you need to have control of the land to do this quest, which make it quite useless.

- Monster in the mine: I think this quest is triggered by building melee garrison. You must send a platoon (5 men aren't enough, you'll lose all; maybe same with 10). They'll get out more experienced (but I got some casualties). It may also be burnt. use the fire miracle as a fire shower, not fire ball; the mine will catch fire and the monster MAY die (i'm not sure about that, but i think i killed the monster that way, but didn't got the reward as i burnt everyone in the mine as well).

there's an achievement that require you to protect villagers with shield; putting the shield only won't do anything, what you need to do is to deflect attacks; put bowmen on a wall (get rid of the creature first, if he's around), and cast a shield (not too large) when enemies bowmen come to attack. they'll target your bowmen, and you should easily deflect 15 arrows