Black and White Wiki

Now we're facing Aztec ! the land is desertic; i discover in that land that wonder and altars don't work if placed on sterile (red) land. you may use them for prestige and control area, but you'll need them on fertile land if you want to use miracles. Of course, fertiles lands are around the water (default key to show fertile areas is 'f')


No need for one...

Either I triggered a bug or there is an unavoidable bug, but the ennemy did nothing. No reinforcments, no wonder miracle, the ennemy just let me alone, waiting for me to persuade his people to join me.

Side quests:

Rain song: 30k offering points for repeating the order in which he hit the drums. Quite easy.

The ritual: silver scroll on middle small island. 4 witches are preparing a potion. You must give the witches a 21 male villager to get 50k points. no need to control the land to drop him.

Silver scroll near your town : you need to change the time in quick succession to light all the torches. Another easy 50K points.

Achievements usually are well explained in game; there are some tricky ones, like watering fields, not attacking at all and attacking only at night (actually, it rather means not attacking at daytime; you'll get it if you get not attacking at all), but they're all well described.