Black and White's leashes.

Leashes are an element of Black & White and its sequel. Their purpose is to give the player direct control of the creature when training it, such as having it pick up objects or going to an specific place.

Black & White[edit | edit source]

In the first game, there are three different leashes, the Leash of Learning, the Leash of Aggression and the Leash of Compassion.

Leash of Learning[edit | edit source]

This rope leash is used to give general orders to the creature (such as move it around) and to teach him whatever the player wants, such as throwing rocks, helping villagers, etc. The creature tends to focus more on what the player is doing and learns miracles faster while on this leash.

Leash of Agression[edit | edit source]

This leash is shaped like a spiked black collar and is used to make a creature aggressive toward anything it interacts.

It is a good leash if the player wants an evil creature, and is having trouble teaching it to destroy/kill things. Obviously, it is best if used on enemy villages. This leash only forces the creature to be evil. It won't change its beliefs. The creature must be taught to be evil by being punished/rewarded accordingly

Leash of Compassion[edit | edit source]

This rainbow colored leash makes any creature behave nicely, no matter how evil it is. This leash is good on any village: it makes the creature help your own villagers or impress enemy ones. This leash only forces the creature to be good. It won't change its beliefs. The creature must be taught to be good by being punished/rewarded accordingly

Black & White 2[edit | edit source]

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