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Lightning is a miracle even more destructive than Fire. When poured it will zap everything around the god's hand: creatures, plants, enemies, buildings and trees and will set them on fire. When thrown it will bounce around, it will zap everything in its range (even when it is flying over over the target) with large pulses of electricity on each impact. After a short period of time it will run out of charge and explode on impact in an electrical shower. Dropping the lightning miracle will have the same end as throwing it, but slightly more powerful, however it will not bounce around.

If the player creates a shield with the Shield miracle, and throw the Lightning miracle on top of shield, it may create a Lightning bolt from skies, but only for effect - it does not causes damage.

This is the best miracle for attack, due to the long range and power of the miracle. It is especially good for large armies as every zap of electricity will be used on a warrior, instead of piece of ground or a tree. Thus, if it is used well it can wipe out large portions of large armies. However for defence, the player may as well use the fireball as it can kill everyone in its large radius when dropped. It costs 90,000 tribute and 5,000 Mana to cast.

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