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Lightning being used to attack.

The lightning miracle is an offensive spell featured on Black & White. It is mainly used to attack enemy villages. It is also an effective defensive spell to use against enemy creatures, but it should be used with caution in highly populated areas, for a great number of casualities may occur. The lightning miracle has an increased and extreme version. This miracle's symbol is a spreading lightning.

The standard Lightning Bolt has a prayer power cost of 5,000.

Basic Lightning zaps out a line of lightning which will burn anything in its path: trees, towns, creatures and animals. Unboosted by wonders it deals minimal damage, but the dangers of the fires it causes is not to be underestimated. Boosted by the (maxed) Indian Wonder, it is capable of destroying small, medium, and large towns in a matter of seconds.

Lightning Increase sends out a much larger wave of Lightning, which connects to nearby targets in a much more spread out fashion than Basic Lightning. The damage it deals is moderate, but it is a very good villager killer, capable of destroying enemy worshippers by the dozens, while leaving the towns infrastructure intact for the most part. If boosted by a (maxed) Indian Wonder, it simply annihilates every building and living thing it touches.

Lightning bolt miracle gesture.

Lightning Extreme puts the E in Extreme. It sends out a big single-lined jet of

Lightning miracle symbol.

lightning that covers a huge distance. Even unboosted it deals formidable damage. If boosted by a (maxed) Indian Wonder, everything it touches dies. No contest. It is not encountered in the offline game until Land 5, where Nemesis holds all the offensive spells and their increased and extreme forms.

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