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Mega-Blast in its basic form.

Mega-Blast is the most powerful offensive miracle of Black & White. It requires a lot of prayer power to be cast. Its symbol is a yellow beam causing an explosion, and its gesture is a pentagram. Like many Black & White miracles, it has an increased and an extreme version. The standard version of this miracle has a prayer power cost of 16,000.

This attack is first seen when Nemesis attacks the creature guide.

In its basic form, a red beam of light hits the targeted area inflicting heavy damage to whatever is there, leaving a small, smoking crater that disappears after some time (it has enough power to completely destroy a village center, leaving only dirt in its place).

The increased version consists of seven beams; each with the same destructive power as the basic form.

The extreme version consists of the same seven beams of the increased form, but after that, many more beams will rain around the targeted area, destroying everything they touch.

This miracle has enough power to wipe out a small village.

Mega-Blast miracle gesture.


The creature can learn the mega-blast miracle. However, the creature takes a long time to learn this miracle, with the Ape gaining 1% per cast, whereas the Tiger gaining 1% per 10-15 casts.

When used on a NEW creature the miracle does 7 damage.


  • Mega-Blast is the only miracle in the game capable of destroying objects that would be indestructible otherwise (such as a singing stone or the crying stones on Land 3).

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