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The food miracle being cast over a village store.

The food miracle is one of the many miracles available to a player in Black & White. Its symbol is a golden cornucopia.

This miracle summons 704 food in the form of grains over the desired area. It has an increased version which causes more food to be summoned. It is also directly affected by the Norse wonder, which further increases the amount of food obtained by it.


The miracle's gesture is the letter S. It only requires the player to press the action button over the desired area.

Food miracle gesture.

Food miracle symbol


There are times when natural sources of food, such as fields or fish farms, cannot meet the growing needs of the player's villages or creature. The food miracle is valuable in such situations, as it produces a good amount of food for a fairly low amount of prayer power. This also makes it a useful miracle to teach the Creature, as he does not require prayer power to cast miracles.

The creature can keep a worship site going if the player ties him to the building's food desire flag.

A bug in Black & White release version allows the player to repeatedly tap the action button, rather than holding it down, making the miracle last much longer and gives about 20,000 food. This has been corrected in patch 1.1.

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