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A miraculous forest brought to life by the miracle.

Miracle forest is one of the miracles featured on Black & White. It symbol is a seed. When said seed is dropped onto the ground, it will shortly after shoot up in the form of a large forest! This is extremely useful for lands without many trees, making it very good to have it around. This miracle is also very good for impressing villagers with, for it does not take long to charge and can be used repeatedly! 

As with most channeled miracles, a hovering image of the miracle's symbol will be present on top of the targeted area for as long as the miracle is active or until all the trees have been chopped off.

A known trick is to pull a tree out of the forest and replant it far from a village, then water it until a sprout grows near it. This way the player can have a tree that will not disappear once the miracle ends (more than enough to start a forest), which can be useful in large, deforested areas.  If, however, trees should sprout quickly, those trees will vanish once the miracle is ended.

Another perk of this miracle is that with a tiny sprinkling from a water miracle, a full grown tree will sprout within seconds.  There is a maximum to how many trees the miracle will support at a time, and the trees will all appear to waver while trying to grow more.  Simply turn a few into lumber and a player should have little trouble creating full grown trees with a small part of a water miracle.

The power of this miracle can be boosted through the construction of a Celtic wonder, which causes each tree produced to be worth substantially more wood.

Forest miracle gesture.

Forest miracle symbol.

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