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Water miracle being used on a tree.

The water miracle is one of the miracles featured on Black & White. Its symbol is a blue cloud. Upon being select, the blue cloud appears on the player's hand and it is ready to be cast. Casting it causes a rainbow-colored rain to fall over the selected area.

This miracle is directly affected by the Norse wonder, which increases the amount of water produced. It also has an increased version which produces a larger cloud with more water.

The standard Water miracle has a prayer power cost of 5,000.


The miracle's gesture is the letter W. It only requires the player to press and hold the action button over the desired area.


Water miracle gesture.

Water miracle symbol.

Water is useful for two things - watering and fires. Water will increase the growth rate on crops exponentially, making it useful in times of food shortage. It also puts out fires caused by Fireball or other offensive miracles, helping the player gain support in unconverted villages.

On maps that are short on wood, the water miracle can be used to accelerate tree growth and create a whole forest by causing new trees to emerge from the ground near others, increasing the player's long-term wood supply.


  • In addition to having a wider area of effect, the increased version allows trees to grow past the normal height limit to great sizes, allowing a single tree to produce more wood. Unfortunately, this version does not seem to cause more saplings to emerge, unlike the standard version.

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