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Physical Shield Symbol

Physical Shield

Physical shield miracle gesture.

The Physical Shield Miracle is introduced as a defensive miracle by Khazar on Land 2.


The miracle's symbol is a simple, spinning wooden shield. To cast it, one holds down the action button and draw a circle around the required area. The miracle will return to the Hand if the shield is too big, or if there is something in the way.


The Physical Shield is in essence a large, rotating dome of protective "web-looking" material. It protects everything in its interior from physical attacks (rocks, trees, etc.) but provides no protection against miracles.

The Shield, once cast, can be sustained by prayer power from a worship site with the aforementioned miracle until there is either no prayer power left or if the shield takes too much damage. If the miracle is cast when there is no prayer power left at an appropriate worship site, the shield will fall after a period of time depending on the size of the Shield, or after it takes enough physical damage.

Different sized objects cause different amounts of damage to the shield.

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