Prayer power stored at an altar.

Prayer power is a mystical energy used on the first Black & White game. It is generated by worshippers or sacrifices at the worship site and can be seen at its altar. This energy is used by gods to cast miracles.

Prayer power has a cap which is directly related to the village's (or villages of the same tribe) population (becoming higher as the population grows), although it is possible to go over that cap with sacrifices. The amount of prayer power can always be seen at the worship site's altar by hovering the hand over it. A flame-like plume of energy of the player's color at the altar also offers a visual effect, getting higher as prayer power grows.

Upon selecting a miracle that costs more prayer power than the player currently has, the missing prayer power will slowly be added to the player's hand, until it is enough for a cast. The player can then cast the miracle or cancel it, by shaking the hand or dropping it on top of the altar (the latter method can also be used to transfer prayer power from one worship site to another, provided that both villages have the same miracle available).

Upon each cast of a miracle that requires constant worship to be maintained the prayer power gain will slowly decrease until it starts decreasing, at which point, the player must send in more villagers to take care of the demand, or watch as the power reaches zero and the miracles are dispelled.

In Black & White 2, prayer power is replaced by mana.

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