A Scaffold

Scaffolds are used to create buildings. They can be made from the workshop.

For each scaffold, the player or craftsman disciples must supply the workshop with 2500 wood.

As wood is added to the workshop, a desire flag will be lowered. When it reaches the bottom, the workshop will start up, indicating the scaffold is being built (the player can see how much time is left before the scaffold is ready by hovering the hand over the workshop.

When it is ready, a sound similar to a mist-horn can be heard and the scaffold appears at the fenced area of the workshop. Up to three can be out at the same time and production will stop, should there be three scaffoldings out already. Combined scaffolds count as one (see below).

To make a new building, the player has to start scaffolding by picking up the scaffold and move the hand over the area where he/she wants it. An image of the building will start to rotate. Right clicking when it gets to the desired angle will set the building site. Villagers will carry wood to erect the building, but it is possible to help them with trees and wood miracles

Scaffolds can be combined, forming larger scaffolds, which in turn, are used to make bigger, more complex buildings. The list goes as shown below:

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