The spiritual advisors (also known Blackey and Whitey) are beings featured in Black & White, its expansion, and its sequel. They help the player in their quest through Eden. The game manual states that, while they have infinite wisdom, they will always try to persuade the player to do things from their point of view (i.e. good for Whitey, or evil for Blackey). Also, they will never lie to the player.

Blackey[edit | edit source]


Blackey represents evil. He is a short, red, overweight demon with an under-bite. He calls the player "boss", and tends to be more energetic and aggressive toward things. He often clashes with Whitey, and enjoys teasing him: mocking him or making jokes, and often calling him "beardy" (while Whitey simply calls him "demon"). Unlike Whitey, he doesn't have a cloud, so he uses his wings to fly. Whenever he moves around the screen, he leaves a trail of smoke.

Whitey[edit | edit source]


Whitey represents good. He is an old "sage-like" man with a long beard that is rainbow-colored on the end, and is always seen sitting on a cloud. He calls the player "leader" and is very calm toward things, but is frequently horrified/shocked whenever Blackey makes evil suggestions or the player commits evil acts. Unlike Blackey, whenever he moves around he leaves a rainbow trail.

In Black & White 2[edit | edit source]

Blackey and Whitey return in the sequel, only Whitey (apart from the graphical upgrade) seems to have been altered in the way that his beard no longer has rainbows and seems to be shorter.

More or less the personalities are the same, but with slight differences like Blackey's new love of warfare and Whitey's more toughened but still innocent attitude, not being so shocked but more disgusted at the players evil actions.

  • Midway after defeating the Japanese they mention that they wrote the book of war that both of the faction leaders follow and comment on with dialogue, suggesting that while the player was asleep in the void they were possibly doing some work on the side and influencing the mortals already inhabiting the world.
  • At the beginning of the end level when things are not looking too good during a cinematic, there is a role reversal where Blackey is actually concerned about the opposition, is not his usual enthusiastic self, and Whitey is actually telling the player to use warfare because impressiveness seems nigh on impossible.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player leaves the game running without actually playing it, Blackey and Whitey will have humorous conversations after a while.
    • It is revealed in one of these conversations in Creature Isle that Whitey's real name is Ernest.
  • If you move the hand to wherever Blackey or Whitey are at, they'll move to a different spot.
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