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Storm miracle in its basic form.

The Storm Miracle is one of the miracles featured on Black & White. Its symbol is a black cloud with lightning. As the name implies, creates a storm within a selected area, as long as it is inside the influence of the God who casts it. All a player has to do is draw a circle on the ground (just like a shield miracle) and the storm will appear.

This miracle is affected by the Celtic wonder, which increases its power.

It requires constant prayer power, so the player must have worshippers at the worship site to mantain it.

In its basic form, black clouds and heavy rain are summoned within the selected area. The increased version adds lightning to it, and the extreme form adds a tornado in addition to lightning.

Storm miracle gesture.

It is considered an evil miracle, even if it's cast in its basic form and will affect the player's alignment.


  • Villagers will run away from this miracle, scared, even when it is casted on its basic form.
  • The rain generated from the storm cloud does not seem to accelerate the growth of trees or fields.
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