The invincible man by the campfire.

The invincible man is an NPC from Black & White which is located on Land 3, next to a campfire close to the beach by the player's starting village.

When the player approaches the man, who seems to be warming himself next to the campfire, he starts taunting, goading the player into hurting him. If the player chooses to do so, he/she will find out that the man is immortal.


  • "Throw me around, you think I care?"
  • "Nyah, you don't scare me!"
  • "Get off! Get off me!"
  • "Please don't throw me!"
  • "Go on, do your worst!"
  • "You think you can throw me around, huh?"
  • "Oh! Please don't pick me up!"
  • "Come on, I can take anything you throw at me."
  • "Leave it, I'm not worth it!"
  • "Go on, chuck me about, I dare ya!"
  • "Oh you big bully! Try it again and you're dead!"
  • "You didn't kill me!"
  • "My leg!"
  • "Oh, my arm!"
  • "Oh, my head!"
  • "Oh, my eye!"
  • "Water! Douse the flames!"
  • "Oh hell!"
  • "Ya can't harm me! Well, not seriously."
  • "Ow!"
  • "Gyah!
  • "Ouch!"


  • The invincible man uses a celt villager model.
  • Whenever the invincible man is tossed away, the camera will focus on him, as in a cinematic.
  • If the invincible man is tossed out of the player's area of influence, he will create a temporary, virtual area of influence wherever he lands, allowing the player to cast miracles within it. This can be used to impress distant villages.
  • If the invincible man is dropped inside the altar to be sacrificed, he will display a drowning animation and will stay there until the player decides to remove him. Trying to drown him at the sea will have the same effect.
  • If the man is eaten by a creature or tossed into a vortex, he will reappear at his camp, alive and well.
  • If the invincible man lands on solid ground, he will walk back to his camp, no matter how far it is.
  • The Invincible Man returns in Black and White 2. This time he appears as a Norse man.
  • The invincible man can be used to defeat Lethys almost immediately. Grab the invincible man. Pause. Navigate to Lethys' temple, and choose an altar. Quickly, unpause and click to place the man in the altar. (This part eliminates the need to toss him across the landscape all the way up to the temple.) Now you have a small area of influence at Lethys' worship site. If you're willing to be evil, you can either kill all of his followers as they come to worship, or attack the temple (a pile of burning rocks works) and thus destroy all his buildings. Or both!
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