The Riddles' mushroom ring.

The Riddles is a silver reward scroll challenge from Black & White. It is located on top of a small abode on the smallest Indian village of Land 2. It becomes available after the player converts the village.

In this challenge, a woman will ask the player if he/she can solve the riddles: she wants inside the ring of mushrooms something that howls of night, something hot and something unique to the player's creature. Then all must be protected. All items must be within the circle at the same time.

There is no good or evil way to solve this quest. There is only a neutral solution.

The Solution[edit | edit source]

The following steps will solve the riddle:

  1. Find and kill a wolf (so it won't try and flee the circle) which can be found sleeping during daytime at the forest right next to where the challenge is, or one of Lethys's villages, or at the forest right next the village where The Plague was.
  2. Place the wolf inside the ring.
  3. Plant a tree inside the ring.
  4. Place creature poop (from any creature. It doesn't have to be that of the player's) into the ring, away from the tree. If none can be found, feeding the creature and waiting will produce some.
  5. Set the tree on fire, taking care not to hit the poop.
  6. Cast a physical shield around the ring.

Reward: the Zebra is unlocked as a usable creature.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the woman's hut is destroyed, the player will be forced to rebuild it, if they intend to complete the challenge.
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