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Posing shots of the Tiger

The tiger is a creature in Black and White 2, and exclusive to the collectors edition of the game, though does not feature as an available creature at first and must be unlocked through a third party unlocker program. Unlocker available at these sites below





create a simple text file then use key combo ALT + 0210 what gives a "Ò" as letter and save it as "Unlock.dat" in your game folder. You have to start a new game. No hacks or anything needed, greetings Atze Fatze. ;)

The tiger also features as a starting creature in the Black & White 2 expansion Battle of the Gods and subsequently added to the main game if the expansion pack is installed.

  • The Tiger features as an enemy creature for the Japanese faction, appearing on the second and last Japanese islands midway through the game.
  • The tiger is more or less a re-skinned lion with many similar animations attached to it also possessing the same levels of health,speed, and strength as the lion.

Good Tiger, Neutral Tiger, Evil Tiger.

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