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The different appearences of the Tortoise, this depends on what you make the creature do. From left to right; 100% Good, 0% and 100% Evil.

The Tortoise (Geochelone elegans) is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock[]

Complete The Fish Puzzle on Land 4


The natural alignment of the Tortoise is good.

Neutral look[]

A neutral Tortoise.

The neutral look of the Tortoise is a normal tortoise.

Good look[]

A good Tortoise.

The good look of the Tortoise is a rainbow colored tortoise.

Evil look[]

An evil Tortoise.

The evil look of the Tortoise is a spike covered red tortoise.

Al Characteristics[]

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Tortoise:

  • speed = 6
  • strength = 5
  • intelligence = 8

General description[]

One of the best Creatures in the game, it's very good for any task, whether it's watering crops with rain clouds, impressing villages or taking on the rival gods' Creatures. It can stand up to the felines, wolves and even Sleg the Ogre, it learns fast and moves very quickly.

Other God’s Creature

Khazar uses a Tortoise as his Creature.


  • Before Black & White: Creature Isle, this was the only non-mammal Creature a player could get.
  • The Tortoise is one of 3 non-mammal playable creatures overall (along with Crocodile and Rooster).
  • Tortoise is tallest creature in game

Black and White
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Unlockable Creatures Brown Bear / Chimpanzee / Lion / Polar Bear / Sheep / Tortoise / Wolf / Zebra
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Black and White 2
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