The Village Center costs five scaffolds. From this building, a god is able to cast miracles and raise the totem to make people from this village get to the worship site to make prayer power.

This is the most important building a village has, and it contains lots of information.

Hovering the hand over a village center will show how much belief the player has on that village (or how much belief is needed for the village to be converted, if the village center doesn't belong to the player) hovering the hand will also show how many people live on the village and how much room for villagers there is (this is always shown in a x/y model, x being current villagers and y being room for those villagers).

A village center will have up to six stone hands wich hold the miracles the village offers to the god who currently controls it. Right clicking on these miracles will have the same effect as performing the corresponding gesture.

The totem can be raised or lowered (ranging from 0% to 100% villagers) to bring worshippers to the worship site. The totem is shaped after the creature owned by the god who controls the village (or a stone hand, if no god controls the village). Above the totem are the symbols of gods that have impressed the village to some degree. The lower their symbol, the closer that god is from converting the village.

Just like a village store, if this building is attacked, the worshippers from that village will abandon the worship site and run to the village to help.

Black and White
One / Two Scaffolds Small Abode / Large Abode
Three Scaffolds Creche / Graveyard / Village Store / Workshop
Four / Five Scaffolds Field / Village Center
Six / Seven Scaffolds Miracle Dispenser / Wonder
Other Temple / Worship Site
Black And White 2
Dwellings Creature Pen / House / Hovel / Manor / Mansion / Skyscraper / Villa
Civic Buildings Altar / Amphitheater / Baths / Graveyard / Nursery / Prison / Rest Home / Tavern / Temple
Industrial Buildings Field / Granary / Lumber Mill / Plant Market / Pot Market / Smelter / Statue Market / Storehouse / University
Walls and Roads Fortified Wall / Road / Wall / Wall Gatehouse
Embellishments Column / Fertility Statue / Lamp / Meadow / Naming Fountain / Punishment Spike / Torture Pit / Well
Military Armory / Ranged Armory / Siege Workshop
Wonders Earthquake Wonder / Hurricane Wonder / Siren Wonder / Volcano Wonder
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