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The Volcano is an Epic Miracle from Black & White 2. It is, by far the most devastating and the most game changing experience. It can wipe out civilizations, towns and armies with ease. It forms a massive mountain, destroying all buildings nearby and multiple rivers of lava flow down and instantly kill anything (apart from creatures) that touches it. After a very long period of time, the lava will harden and stop flowing, going black in the process. It can still harm citizens, as anyone who walks over it will bust into fire. It's only safe after the lava slowly disappears. This miracle is most effective on the sides of mountains or steep cliffs. As the volcano will distrupt the land the most and the lava will flow a lot faster. It costs a staggering 1,000,000 tribute.

The Volcano can actually be countered slightly as the lava can be stopped with the water miracle, which will cause it to harden faster. One must keep using the water though to stop more lava from flowing over the already hardened lava. The water can not counter the volcano bombs (lumps of flaming rock) that it occasionally thows out.

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