A vortex from Black and white

Vortexes are portals summoned by gods, as a means of traveling between lands.

If a player is to progress in the game, he/she must complete gold story scrolls, which will eventually open a vortex to the next land.

When a vortex is open, a gold story scroll can be seen on top of it. All the player has to do is click it to travel.

Before traveling to a new land, a player should know that anything and everything can be placed in a vortex, and it will come out on the other side. Therefore, it is a good idea to load the vortex with resources (food, wood, livestock, etc), followers, one-shot miracles, artifacts, creature toys and scaffoldings to name a few things.

Ironically, through the course of the game, the player character is the only god unable to summon vortexes: Khazar opens the vortex to Land 2, to save the player from Nemesis' wrath; Nemesis opens a vortex to Land 2 to destroy Khazar, and another one to Land 5, to invite the player to the final duel. Lethys escapes through a vortex to Land 3, and opens the vortex to Land 4, when he is defeated.

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