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The different appearences of the Wolf, this depends on what you make the creature do. From left to right; 100% Good, 0% and 100% Evil.

The Wolf (Canis lupus) is a Creature of Black & White.

How to unlock[]

Complete The Treacherous Path challenge on Land 4 after downloading patch 1.2.


The natural alignment of the Wolf is evil.

Neutral look[]

A neutral Wolf.

The neutral look of the Wolf is Timber wolf.

Good look[]

The good look of the Wolf is Purple fur.

Evil look[]

The evil look of the Wolf is a vicious wolf.

Al Characteristics[]

Here is a rough idea of the characteristics of the Wolf:

  • speed = 10
  • strength = 5
  • intelligence = 4.5

General description[]

A good, all around Creature, very good fighter, his fighting style is same like tiger, leopard and lion, but weaker. Can nearly keep up with the Horse when it comes to running speed and it is not a bad learner. It is pretty destructive, but can be taught to act differently, like any other creature.

Other God’s Creature

Lethys uses a Wolf as his Creature.

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