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The wolf is one of the starting creatures in Black and white 2.

Good Wolf, Neutral Wolf, and Evil Wolf.

A very hide-away creature that usually needs little attention, this makes him a more natural learner, but also very forgettable in the game, making him potentially dangerous for friendly villagers when he needs a snack. He is also the fastest creature in the game.

As the Wolf becomes more Good, the fur on the top of his head, on his forearms and lower legs, and on his lower back first begin to lighten and turn white, followed by the rest of his fur. His muzzle lengthens and his nose becomes much larger, and he is often smiling, giving him a goofy, somewhat cartoon-like appearance.

As the Wolf becomes more Evil, his claws lengthen, the lighter areas of his fur redden slightly, and his muzzle lengthens. The fur around his neck and along his back darkens until it makes a sharp contrast with the lighter fur on his face, forearms, stomach, and upper legs. His fangs also lengthen and show even when his mouth is closed.

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