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Wonders are the most advanced buildings of Black & White, requiring 7 scaffoldings and a lot of wood to be constructed. They vary from tribe to tribe not only in appearance, but different wonders also grant different powers.

A wonder's size is directly related to how much belief a village has left. The more belief it has, the greater the wonder will be. The greater the wonder, the more powerful its effects will be. A large wonder can also be built by placing the scaffold extremely close to an artifact and the resulting wonder almost always needs near 60,000 wood to be built.

Types of Wonder[edit | edit source]

Aztec Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of destructive miracles such as fireballs or mega-blasts. Villagers worship faster, but need food and healing more often.

Celtic Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of nature miracles (such as forest) and weather miracles (such as storm). Each Miraculous Tree provides lots and lots of wood. (*note, the game states "trees provide more wood". However, normal grown trees will NOT increase their wood amount. Only trees from the Miracle Forest yield increased wood amounts).

Egyptian Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the effect of flock miracles, decreases prayer power cost of teleport miracles. Your creature takes less damage.

Greek Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of the pack miracle. Children are born faster.

Indian Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of lightning miracles. Villagers move faster. Increases birthrate.

Japanese Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of healing miracles and increases the chance of children being born. Villagers feel hungry less often.

Norse Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Increases the power of food, wood, water and strengthen creature miracles and increases food generated from fields and fish farms. Buildings cost less wood.

Tibetan Wonder:[edit | edit source]

Decreases prayer power cost of both shield miracles and increases the power of flock miracles. Your actions become more impressive.

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