The worship site is where worshippers gather to sing and dance, increasing their god's prayer power. To add worshippers,totem in the village center of the desired village must be raised. It is the only building (aside from the temple) that changes form to match the player's alignment.

The worship site has a main entrance and a side door. Regular worshippers enter through the main entrance, while lazy villagers go through the side door, so they can hide inside the worship site, tricking the player character into thinking they are worshipping (they can still be spotted by hitting the S key).

The worship site is also comes with a totem, which represents the tribe (or tribes, if the player controls more than one of the same type of village) that owns the Building, and an altar which displays how much prayer power is left and allows a player to sacrifice living or dead things (ranging from trees to people) and stone hands, which display the miracles that are available at them.

Finally, the worship site has three desire flags, representing:

Food Desire:
The worshippers need more food. Represented by a man pointing at his own mouth.

Sleeping Desire:
The worshippers need to sleep. This can be solved either by lowering the village totem or casting a healing miracle at them. Represented by a bed and Z letters.

Worshippers Desire:
A flag which rarely shows up. It means a god has more active miracles than his/her worshippers can maintain at the same time (I.E. forests, shields, storms, etc). This causes the flame at the altar to start flashing. Solved by cancelling some of the active miracles or by sacrificing/adding more worshippers to the worship site.

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